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Panamanian Group – Social Media

In this session we are going to explore Social Media in Education:

  • What is social media?
  • How is it used?
  • What is the impact on Education?


TASK 1: Before we start let’s find out what you know about social media: 


You can find out more about Social Theory here.

Social networking is about creating a community. Communities are something humans have developed over the years in the phyiscal space of the world, and through the online system. What is the sense of communityRead this blog post on how to develop a community.

Education is makin use of communities in social networks in a variety of ways:

How do we go about building online learning communities?

Read about Case studies of using social media in education

TASK 2: Google another student on the course and tell us what you find. Is the information part of a ‘Digital Footprint‘ created by the person themselves? Or, is it part of the ‘Digital Shadow’, traces of online activity recorded by internets services or other people?

Write you findings in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


TASK 3: Explore these different social networks and consider their taraget audience, their functionality and how they safe they are. Do not just rely on what is stated on their own websites. Examine other websites that discuss these networks and see if you can find any articles of their use in education




Whats App



We are going to use a different tool of collaborating and sharing information online.

Task 4: Use SWAY to create a presentation all about how you could use social media in education.

– Share your SWAY with at least 2 people

– Get at least 1 person to collaborate with you and add something to your SWAY

We will be using SWAY again in the next session on Digital Storytelling.