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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Lesson plan templates:

Session Plan Blank

Lesson Plan

Clock face lesson planning

Academic Writing


What is Learning?

Presentation on ‘What is Learning?’ (download from here)

Activity 1: Write what you think learning is on the Padlet wall below

download here

Pedagogy vs Andragogy


Roles, responsibilities, boundaries, motivation and barriers

Presentation on Role, responsibilities and barriers.

Activity 1: Analyse own role and identify associated responsibilities and boundaries to teaching, add your thoughts to this document

Activity 2: Identify 3 barriers to learning and how you could support students to get around these – post to moodle.

Further information on Motivation:

Motivation to Learn

Wikipedia on Motivation

Malcolm Knowles on Informal Learning

Carol Dweck’s work on motivation


Planning theory into practice

Presentation on Planning for Learning

These videos discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy further:

Lesson Planning – Suggested verbs

Scheme of Work

Standard LESSON PLAN template

Accelerated lesson plan blank

HE Academy guidance on writing learning outcomes

Papers on the ‘Influences to student learning’

Activity 1: Examine this scenario and devise a Scheme of Work for six session

(include measurable objectives for each session)

Upload your Scheme of work here

Activity 2: Create a lesson plan that describes possible teaching and learning approaches in your specialist area, which are inclusive and motivational – include notes that critically evaluate the plan. Email this to your tutor.


Meeting needs; communication, differentiation, inclusivity, additional support

Presentation on approaches to behaviour Management

Activity 1: Explore the Human Givens approach to behaviour Management and post your thoughts to the padlet below

Presentation on communication skills

Activity 2: Choose three communication skills and critically appraise these in reference to teaching and add your appraisal to the discussion forum on Moodle.


Why assess? – Types and models of assessment

Presentation on Assessment (Dowload Why Assessment)

Activity 1: What is the purpose of assessment and how is it used in your subject area? Add your thoughts to this prezi.

Activity 2: Identify the differences between initial, diagnostic, summative and formative assessment – submit to moodle


Theories and principles of assessment

Presentation on VARCS (Download Quality of Assessment)

Activity 1: Read page 13-15 of Race’s paper on assessment and choose three assessment methods used in your subject area and examine the strengths and weaknesses of these, including VARCS (discuss these methods with your mentor and include their comments) – email your tutor

Read Inside the Black Box – Black and Wiliam

Read Hattie on formative and summative assessment

Activity 2: Summarise your thoughts on these two articles and submit to the forum on Moodle


Questioning and feedback. Self- and peer-assessment

Presentation on effective questioning (Effective Questioning -download presentation)

Activity 1: Examine question types and questioning strategies and apply to own teaching context Identify the need for constructive feedback as a vehicle for effective learning and links between feedback and motivation, quality and inclusivity issues. Email this to your tutor.

Self- and Peer-assessment

  • Increases student involvement and motivation if done in a supportive environment
  • Increase amount and dimensions of feedback
  • Creates greater awareness of how assessment criteria and marks are achieved
  • Is formative assessment in itself
  • Both will probably need a tutor-produced proforma to guide activity

Effects of No Feedback, Task-Related Comments, and Grades on Intrinsic Motivation and Performance

The Wheel of Success Peer feedback

Activity 2: Read this piece of work and use this assessment grid to grade it. Share your grade and brief justification on the padlet below.

Innovative teaching, learning and assessment

Watch this video and identify ways to innovate in teaching, learning and assessment. Also, examine issues of inclusivity in relation to assessment

Ideas for Innovative Assessment:

Tumblr – Blogging platform (see also wordpress) – Interactive ‘post-it’ wall

audioboo – Make your own podcast

Touchcast – Make your own news programmes

Educannon – Add interactivity to videos

Aurasma – Augmented Reality

Textwall – SMS system for teaching and learning

Twitter – Short status service

Also concept such as Gamification and SOLE


Module Review

  • The module review can be accessed via moodle

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