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Developing Professional Practice

Developing Professional Practice

For the brochure you should discuss the following questions:

What is professionalism?

How do you define a professional?

What are professional values?

Are there any conflicts between professional values and personal values?

Are there any conflicts between managerialism and professionalism?

What is CPD?

Compare and contrast at least 2 CPD models (see kennedy¹s article)

Discuss reflective practice and how this helps professionalism.

Have a look at the Example Brochure




If you get a moment please watch the History Boys and think about the professionalism and values that Hector and Irwin demonstrate.

Or for a more contemporary view watch the first episode of the series Teachers.

DPP Week 2 presentation on values


Essential Reading

Carr and Kemmis – Becoming Critical article on professionalism



Professional Values for the 21st Century

Lingfield report

or have a look at my own critique of the Lingfield Report and professionalism in FE (



Kennedy Models_of_Continuing_Professional_Development

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  1. Linda Atkinson says:

    What happened to the other lovely website!!! Enjoyed the first session back, a classroom  suites me better than all that autonomous learning.

    • Richard Nelson says:

      Hi Linda, I have used a different theme to create a more ‘responsive’ design. That means it should be easier to view the content on smartphones and tablets. When I get a moment I will be developing the theme further adding more to the look and feel.

      What did you prefer about the old design?


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