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Digital Learning for Educators

This course aims to introduce future educators to methods in critically identifying quality digital learning resources and the various learning technologies available. It will also support the development of the learners’ digital literacy and ways to use ‘the cloud’ for storage and collaboration.


Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of the module you will:

1.   Analyse how digital learning resources impact on teaching and learning
2.   Reflect on new ideas by producing and critiquing a range of digital teaching and learning resources.
3.   Evaluate your ability to use a range of Digital Learning Resources to create professional resources.
4.   Reflect on your own digital learning skills and knowledge

5. Select and use a range of communication methods appropriate to the context


Everywhere you see the   icon you should follow the instructions to add evidence to your portfolio.

Digital Learning CPD Handbook

Suggested Reading for the course



Submission Date:      Wednesday 27th March, 2018.

To be Submitted to:  Moodle


Component 1. Equivalent to 2000 words: Produce a video/audio or other multimedia presentation critically discussing the impact of digital learning (focusing on issues such as theories of online learning, searching for good resources online, using cloud storage) (50%) (LO1, 2, 5)


Component 2. Equivalent to 2000 words: Produce and critique three digital resources (50%) (LO2, 3, 4)



Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of other people’s work and will be penalised by a mark of zero and at Stage III may result in even more serious consequences.

Late Submission without an appropriate extension may result in your work not being marked.

Referencing must be the Harvard system of referencing where appropriate.

Word length: You will be penalised for essays that are overlong.