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Blogs make assessment grading fun!

It is that time of year again, I am trawling through (virtual) piles of marking from the different cohorts I have worked with this semester. However, I am really enjoying marking the blogs my BA Ed Studies group have written for the ‘Digital Learning for Educators‘ module.

The quality of the work varies, as with all groups, but each one demonstrates the journey they have taken to increase their skills and confidence in using digital resources in learning.

Abubukor and Arsalan, in particular, made me smile while reading their post about the use of Periscope to broadcast live lectures,



It was a joy to read through Ibrahim’s blog, documenting his journey through digital technology –  It was clear that his confidence to use and critique digital resource grew throughout the course.

Throughout the course, the learners were encouraged to blog after each session (virtual or physical) and reflect on the digital tools used. During the assessment, I saved a snapshot of each of the learner’s blogs and ran them through a plagiarism detection software before assessing them against a rubric I developed to assess the clarity and use of multi-media in the blog, and the academic quality against the module learning objectives.

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